While he can perform all types of shoulder surgery Dr. Thompson is an expert at shoulder joint replacement.  In early 2004, just after the implant became available in the United States, he became the first surgeon in Southern Arizona to perform Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty.  For many years, he was a consultant for Exactech, Inc. where he helped with surgeon education, and implantation technique refinement.  He also taught numerous surgeons from the Western US the intricacies of primary, reverse, and revision shoulder arthroplasty.  He is a skilled arthroscopist and is also experienced enough to know when NO surgery is indicated. 


From arthroscopic treatment of early arthritis, intra-articular loose bodies, and painful impingement to joint replacement, Dr. Thompson treats most elbow disorders. 
Wrist arthroscopy, wrist joint replacement, partial wrist fusion and joint resection for painful osteo and rheumatoid arthritis of the wrist, joint denervation, wrist and carpal bone fractures, and wrist joint fusion are all areas of expertise for Dr. Thompson. 
In order to decrease post operative disability, Dr Thompson treats carpal tunnel syndrome endoscopically.  In appropriate patients, he also performs small joint denervation which can rid a person of joint pain with minimal post op morbidity.  Other commonly treated problems include trigger fingers, small joint arthritis, tendon injury, nerve decompression, simple and complex hand trauma, tendon transfers for chronic nerve palsies, and minimally invasive treatment of Dupuytrens disease.  Dr. Thompson does not routinely treat congential hand disorders.